attempted kidnapping

PASCO, WA - Two Kennewick women have been placed on an investigative hold for assault, unlawful imprisonment, and threats to kill in a suspected kidnapping.

On Tuesday night, June 4 around 11 p.m., Pasco Police officers went to a room at the Loyalty Inn at 1800 W. Lewis, because a caller in the area reported hearing the sounds of a fight and someone calling for help coming from that particular room.

When officers arrived, they reported hearing some noises consistent with a fight, cries of, “Help me!” and, “Let me go!”, and a second voice saying, “Shut up,” coming from the particular room. When the officers knocked and announced themselves and demanded to be let inside, they were ignored, but the first voice yelled, “Help!” again. The officers forced the locked door open.

Officers found three women inside the room. One of them was on the floor saying, “Help me!” and had obvious but non-life threatening injuries. Samantha Ashley Tijerina (DOB: 06/04/93) of Kennewick was standing nearby, and Guadalupe Angelita Sanchez (DOB: 01/11/91) of Kennewick was just inside the nearby bathroom.

Officers saw a black wooden baton and strips of black duct tape on the floor of the bathroom, along with drops of what looked like blood, and a pile of red hair consistent with what the victim had. The victim with the obvious injuries described one suspect as having a knife. The other was found in possession of a stun-gun.

Tijerina and Sanchez were booked into Franklin County Jail on investigative holds for Assault 2nd Degree, Unlawful Imprisonment, and Threats to Kill. Also, the Loyalty Inn staff reported that the particular room should have been vacant at the time, so Pasco Police will be looking into potential burglary charges.

The victim, a 26-year-old Kennewick resident, was treated for her injuries.

A search warrant was obtained for the room. Officers recovered the weapons, duct tape, hair, and some suspected drug paraphernalia.

All of the people involved are well-known to local law enforcement.

This investigation continues. Anyone with additional info about this case is urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 about case PP19-16408 Unlawful Imprisonment.

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