KENNEWICK, WA - Two people have been arrested after a 3-year-old girl was found unattended in a Kennewick neighborhood. 

According to the Kennewick Police Department, officers found the child Wednesday morning and walked with her around the neighborhood to try and find her house and caregivers. 

She was later taken to the police department and released to Child Protective Services.

The child's grandmother later responded to the police department to identify her and the caregivers. 

Police say April and Robert Still were temporarily watching the child. Both were later arrested and booked into Benton County Jail for alleged criminal mistreatment. 

The girl's mother has been contacted and been in contact with CPS.

The Kennewick Police Department offered thanks to the citizens who found the child, took her in and contacted police, as well as those who helped identify the child on Facebook. 

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