WA state Capitol office


According to Washington State Patrol, the man who was arrested Monday for attempting to enter a restricted area also breached the Governor's Mansion last week. 

The 30-year-old man, Thomas Hughes, is being charged with criminal trespassing stemming from last Wednesday's breach. 

Information will be updated as it is received. 


According to the Washington State Patrol, a second arrest has been made at the Capitol Campus. 

WSP writing on Twitter that the man was attempting to enter a restricted area. 

He was arrested for failure to comply with a lawful order. 


OLYMPIA, Wash - The Washington State Patrol says one woman has been arrested at the Washington State Capitol. 

According to a tweet, a woman used and RV to block a road. She reportedly refused to move it and was arrested. 

The Washington State Patrol said its preparing for possible disturbances when the state Legislature opens its session today. 

WSP said that several groups and individuals have indicated they intend to come to the Capitol Campus grounds on and in some cases, attempt to disrupt the opening of the Legislative session. 

Governor Jay Inslee and both House and Senate leadership have made it clear those proceedings will go on uninterrupted. 

In a release sent to media, WSP said special security measures and significantly enhanced security resources, including WSP and the Washington State National Guard, will be deployed to ensure the safe, peaceful and effective processes necessary for the opening of session.

Also, additional measures will be in place to guard against the transmission of COVID-19. Those processes include temporarily limiting access to the Legislative Building.