Milton-Freewater Murder Trial Set to Begin Monday

UPDATE/PENDLETON, OR - An Umatilla County Judge has sentenced 52-year-old George Craigen to 27 years to life in prison for the murder of Cecil "Rob" Carter. 

Craigen shot and killed Carter in 2011 outside of Carter's Plumbing Shop. 

Craigen's attorneys said he suffered from brain damage and thought Carter was out to get him but the judge and jury agreed that Craigen held a grudge and killed out of revenge. 


PREVIOUS/PENDLETON, OR. - A jury has convicted 52-year-old George Craigen of murder in a 2011 shooting at Carter's Plumbing Shop near Milton-Freewater Oregon.

The defense and prosecution agreed Craigen fired eight rounds from a handgun outside of Carter's Plumbing Shop. Five bullets hit Cecil "rob" Carter and he died moments. 

During the trial the defense said Craigen suffered from brain damage and delusions which made him think Carter was out to get him. 

Jurors didn't believe that Craigen was insane or under extreme emotional disturbance at the time of the murder.

Craigen will be sentenced on Monday. 


PREVIOUS STORY: A trial is set to begin on Monday for a man accused of shooting his neighbor back in 2011.

Prosecutors say George Craigen shot and killed Cecil "Rob" Carter at his plumbing office outside Milton-Freewater. 

Proceedings have been marked by Craigen's objections to his lawyers and all five of the judges from Umatilla County. Judge Russell West of Union County is now hearing the case. 

Umatilla County District Attorney Dan Primus said West has rebuffed recent attempts by Craigen to delay a trial so he could find new lawyers. 

Craigen has pleaded innocent to murder and other charges. He has been in jail since early 2012.

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