An 11-year-old girl was flown to a hospital after being hit by a vehicle in Richland

Photo is from family.

UPDATE: Trinity's mother, Nikki, gave us an update on her current condition in the hospital.

"Our daughter hasn’t even woken up she’s just doing well on the stages she is in, she's stable in that sense," said Nikki. "We don’t know the full extent to her injuries until she wakes up. This is overwhelming with all this going on." 

We wish Trinity a fast and full recovery. If you would like to help Trinity and her family the link to her Go Fund Me is below.

UPDATE: According to the girl's mother, Trinity, the 11-year-old girl who was hit by a truck, is currently at a Spokane hospital where she is expected to make a full recovery.

"Thank you for all your support & concerns," said Nikki, Trinity's mother. "She's an amazing girl & Dr.'s plan for her to make a full recovery."

Trinity's aunt, Zayna, has made a Go Fund Me for Trinity and her family while at the hospital. 

In the Go Fund Me, Zayna states:

"The doctors are expecting her to be admitted for a while and will need a lot of therapy after. This family is down one income and has five other kids that need looking after. The proceeds will go to directly to her family and any care that Trinity will need. We appreciate all the love and support that the family is receiving and please keep Trinity in your prayers."

RICHLAND, WA - An 11-year-old girl was sent to the hospital for after getting hit by a vehicle when crossing the street after the school bus dropped the girl off Friday afternoon, October 22nd in the area of Hood Ave and Spengler St.

At about 1:45 PM, Richland Police Officers found the girl unconscious but breathing in the street.

She was then taken by ambulance to a local medical facility for treatment and later flown to a trauma hospital where she is currently undergoing further treatment.   

Richland police say this investigation is ongoing, however initial information indicates the following: A Richland School District bus was driving eastbound on Spengler St when it stopped to let children off near Hood Ave. The red flashing lights and stop sign on the bus were activated according to witnesses and the bus driver.  Vehicles were in the westbound lanes of Spengler St. stopped for the red flashing lights and stop sign on the school bus. When the bus turned off its flashing red lights, retracted the stop sign and started moving forward again, the car and truck started forward as well in the opposite direction. After the bus completed the stop and began driving away, unfortunately, the child attempted to cross the street behind the bus and was struck by a vehicle in the opposite lane.  The bus driver reportedly was not aware there had been an accident behind the bus after proceeding on the route. Investigators found no impairment in the involved driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle.

The Richland Police Department would like to encourage motorists to be aware of pedestrians at all times, especially in neighborhoods, near school busses and bus stops. 

"Our hearts go out to the child’s parents, as do our wishes for a speedy recovery," wrote the Richland Police Department. "We would like to encourage parents to please talk with your children about bus safety and crossing streets in a safe manner."