UPDATE (4/29/21 6:34 PM): A second fire has started between the interchange of SR 240 and I-182. 
Crews on the scene say the second fire started from an ember of the Yakima Delta Fire. No road closures have occurred due to the new fire, although bad air quality and heavy smoke is affecting visibility of the highway. 
There is still no official cause of the original Yakima Delta fire and it is still under investigation.  

UPDATE (4/29/21 10:10 AM): Richland fire crews say they have control of the fire and that they are working to let the fire burn out naturally along the Yakima River Delta.
All roadways are back open including WB SR240 from Kennewick into Richland and Pasco. 

Crews are identifying any remaining hazards or potential flare-ups. It is estimated that approximately 85 acres were impacted by the fire. The fire remains controlled and will likely continue to burn or smolder over the next 30 days.

Since fire crews are on the scene we ask the public not to call 911 or non-emergency. Smoke will remain visible for several days.

The walking trail/bike path adjacent to the area remains closed. The public should avoid the area on foot as hazardous conditions remain and it is an active fire scene.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. The Fire Marshall will be on site today.

This is an ongoing story and will be updated as new information becomes available.

UPDATE (4/28/21 3:39 PM): SR 240 (westbound) from Columbia Center Blvd to Richland is temporarily closed (all lanes). Eastbound is limited to two lanes.

UPDATE (4/28/21 2:28 PM): The fire is currently on both sides of the SR 240 and is very fast moving.

Emergency crews are in the area in traffic is significantly impacted on SR 240 and in surrounding areas. Richland Police ask that people avoid the area both for the safety of the emergency personnel working to try to contain the fire as well as their own safety to try to keep traffic flowing is as quickly and smoothly as they can.

At this time crews don't have any indication of what caused the fire. The Richland Fire Department is in the preliminary stages to contain the fire. Right now the fire department is actively looking at where and how the fires going so that they could make determinations on where or if evacuations are needed. At this time there are no evacuations. 

Several lanes of SR 240 remain closed down and will be for the foreseeable future to protect the vehicles going by and emergency crews were working on and around the freeway. 

RICHLAND, WA - Richland Police ask drivers to avoid the area of S.R. 240 near the Yakima River Delta (south of I-182) due to a fast moving brush fire which is affecting visibility on the freeway.

Access to the bike paths will be restricted and Fire and Emergency Services personnel will be in the area for some time. Multiple lanes on S.R. 240 will be closed.

Please use caution if you are in the area.