YAKIMA, WA - At Approximately 2:25 yesterday police responded to a call where someone had identified a stolen pick up truck in the parking lot of the Terrace Heights Walmart.

According to police the suspect, described as a 43-year-old Hispanic male, was going to turn himself in but then changed his mind. That's when things took a turn and an officer fired a shot towards the suspect. No one was hit by the shot.

The suspect then got into the truck and while attempting to flee hit Sergeant Mike Henne and Sergeant Mark Grow. Captain Dave Johnson with the Toppenish Police Department, who is now working on the case, said it is still unknown whether he hit the officers intentionally.

"The investigation is still open on that but the individual is going to be charged with first degree assault," Johnson said.

After the suspect fled, other officers pursued him to Terrace Heights, where the man got into a wreck. There the police arrested him. 

Henne and Grow are both recovering at Yakima Memorial Hospital.

Yesterday shortly after the incident, Chief matt Murray of the Yakima Police Department said the two officers were in serious but stable condition.

"Both officers are alert, they're speaking, they knew who I was and they were talking about what happened," Murray said. "That's really good news with something this serious."

According to Captain Johnson, today the officers remain in the same condition, however, they are better than yesterday.

The suspect is expected to be arraigned on Friday and faces charges of first degree assault and hit and run.

Captain Johnson asks that anyone who may have taken video of the incident send it to the Union Gap police. You can contact them at (509) 248-0430.

Two Yakima Police Officers have been hospitalized after being ran over by robbery suspects at a Walmart Parking lot in an attempt to flee Tuesday evening. 
At approximately 2:25pm this afternoon, officers received a call of a vehicle which had been taken in a robbery in the lower valley earlier this week.
Officers arrived on scene and were directed to the vehicle where they confronted two suspects who were inside. The officers attempted to negotiate with the suspects; however, a few moments later, the suspect drove over the officers while fleeing the scene.
Yakima Police officers pursued the suspects, east, into Terrace Heights where the suspects crashed a short time later.
The suspects were immediately arrested and had minor injuries. Both officers were transported to the hospital with serious, but stable, injuries. The officers were alert, are being treated and are expected to recover.