Verdict Reached in Kevin Coe Civil Commitment Trial

SPOKANE, Wash. - A Jury in Spokane has decided that the prosecution has proven beyond reasonable doubt that convicted rapist Kevin Coe is a violent sexual predator. Coe will be locked up at the Special Commitment Center for sex predators on McNeil Island.

 The prosecution and defense presented their closing arguments and the jury went into deliberation Wednesday afternoon. The Spokane County jury deliberated whether Coe should remain in custody indefinitely as a violent sexual predator.

The decision Thursday will keep Coe confined although he has completed a 25-year sentence in the South Hill Rapist case.      

In closing arguments Wednesday, Assistant Attorney General Malcolm Ross called Coe a "perfect predator" who should remain locked up indefinitely. But Coe's lawyer, Tim Trageser, said there is no evidence Coe committed any of the South Hill rapes except the one for which he was convicted.      

The 61-year-old Coe denies committing any sexual offense and says he is not a threat.

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