Veterinarians warn of rise in canine parvovirus

RICHLAND, WA (AP) — Veterinarians are warning pet owners about canine parvovirus after a recent outbreak in the Tri-Cities area which include Kennewick, Pasco and Richland.

Reports over the last two weeks local clinics have seen a spike in positive cases according to lead vets with Horse Heaven Hills Pet Urgent Care.

Pet experts believe the recent increase of parvo is because more people are getting puppies and pet clinics are doing less vaccine clinics as a COVID precaution.

“Usually summers are our high case load season however recently we believe COVID precautions a lot of clinics have been trying to do less vaccine clinics they have been trying to do more urgent care case only and then there are people that are home and free and decided it’s a good time to get puppies so now we’re seeing a large case in puppies that are not fully vaccinated.” Dr. Dordor Vang with Horse Heaven Hills said.

Vets say parvo is simple to prevent but expensive and complicated to treat.

“Vaccinations is usually the best thing that we can do to prevent parvo virus unfortunately it is a virus that is in the environment at all times usually with puppies we generally have a set of vaccines we perform starting at 8 weeks old,” Dr. Dordor Vang said.

Without the vaccines or treatment it could be deadly to pets.

If a pup is experiencing parvo symptoms like no appetite, vomiting, dehydration or diarrhea vets owners to contact them. They say the sooner treatment starts the better the prognosis.

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