Wapato winery named Rising Start Up of the Year

WAPATO, WA- Fortuity Cellars is being recognized as the Rising Start up of the Year. The husband and wife duo knew they wanted to open a business and got to work right away.

"We had a bunch of ideas and had a big spreadsheet, she didn't love the spreadsheet so much but umm we went through the spreadsheet and a lot of ideas related to wine and we just kept coming back to wine," said Lee Fergestrom, Owner. 

The Fergestrom's have both spent their life helping build and promote other people's businesses. Emily Fergestrom a Yakima Valley native always knew she wanted to come back and have a business here.

"It's 360 degrees of orchards, and for us from the very beginning we just wanted to promote the Yakima Valley and have people experience it like I experienced it growing up. And so we think the property is what makes something very special, is what makes fortuity cellars very special," said Emily Fergestrom. 

The winery that's not yet built is getting recognition from the Seattle District Small Business Administration because of their innovative business model.

"I guess part of me feels like they just believe in what were doing and wanna support small. That's been something that's been amazing to us is how much people want to support small business and we really appreciate that," said Emily Fergestrom. 

The branding of fortuity cellars is based on chance moments and how those moments can be life changing.

"Emily really is the brand with respect to PR, Communications and all the marketing and social media."

Fortuity Cellars plans to have their winery built by this fall at their Wapato property. They also plan to use their space for weddings and other special events.

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