Washington Prepares For Snow Storm and Wants You To Prepare Accordingly With These Tips

WASHINGTON STATE - Northern Oregon, Southern Washington, Tri-Cities and Yakima are expecting a very snowy weekend with three rounds of snow starting Friday night and into the weekend.

These areas could see anywhere from two to six inches and Washington State authorities are preparing accordingly while urging Washingtonians to do the same.

The Washington State Patrol will be patrolling highways in search of any drivers in need of assistance. Along with West Richland Public Works and Washington State's Department of Transportation, the two will also be plowing streets and highways and de-icing roads.

WSP Trooper Daniel Mosqueda and Summer Derrey of the Department of Transportation both urge Washingtonians to "pack their patience."

"If you're going to be driving make sure you have good tires, chains, and check the tracking on your tires," says Trooper Mosqueda, "You also never know what could happen on the roads, like accidents. If there's a hold up, make sure you have food, snacks, blankets, water, medications, and a well-working heater in your car in case of emergencies."

But overall, both Mosequeda and Derrey encourage Washingtonians to steer clear from driving in the first place.

"People should ask themselves, am I prepared to drive and do I even need to really drive in the first place?" instructs Derrey.

In fact, Trooper Mosqueda says the Washington State Patrol usually see a huge increase in collisions during snowy weather.

'It's usually because people spin out or because of the icy roads. So please make sure you drive very slowly and carefully." says Mosqueda.

Additionally, Mosqueda wanted to remind all Washingtonians that if you have studded tires, those are legally permitted in the state of Washington from November 1st to the last day of March and are not permitted afterwards. However, if this wintery storms continue, Mosqueda reminded that the Department of Transportation has the authority to extend the use of studded tires beyond the end of March.

Th Washington State Department has a website specifically for winter driving information and a link to updates on state highways

You can also text 511 for the latest weather condition updates in the state of Washington.