Washington Help Recovery Line

PASCO, WA - A new statewide opioid campaign aims to raise awareness about the Washington Recovery Help Line.

The Washington Recovery Help Line is a 24 hour free help service that connects people who struggle with opioid use and other substances to local treatment resources including medication assisted treatment.

"Medication assisted treatment is now considered the most evidence based life saving treatment that we can provide to patients who have addiction to opioids," says Dr. Jeffrey Allgaier, President and CEO of Ideal Option. 

This treatment consists of providing people with a combination of stable medication that's long acting along with any additional services the patient might need such as counseling, help finding a job or place to live, etc.  

The purpose of this form of treatment is to hone in on the actual social determinants of health that the patient needs, not just give them medication.

Zachary Strankman struggled with addiction for about 10 years before learning about medication assisted treatment, he believes this resource saved his life.

During Strankman's darkest times, he was unemployed and homeless deep in the throes of addiction.

He tried to get clean numerous of times, trying inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment on multiple occasions. 

Nothing worked for him until he learned about medication assisted treatment; now he's been clean for over 5 years. 

"I have a great job, I coach youth sports and I get to be the person that I was before I started down that dark road," says Strankman. "The only thing you have to have is a desire to make it work."

Strankman says the  medication immediately helped with the physical pain and the mental despair. He finally felt like there was hope, which he says is one of the hardest things to deal with as an addict, feeling like there is none.

If you or someone you know need help the Washington Recovery Help Line offers free 24/7 assistance.

Call or text the number 1-866-789-1511. 

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