- Washington State Patrol say they spend a lot of their time helping drivers on the road, across their 4-hundred square miles of highway from Benton and Franklin Counties, all the way east to the Idaho border.

In 2012, troopers pulled over 3,000 more drivers for speeding and issued more than 2,500 tickets than in 2011.

However, troopers also helped assist over 10,000 stranded drivers on the road in 2012 alone.

"We have all the equipment we need in our car. We spend a lot of time changing tires and looking under the hoods. And we're not mechanics, so we can't always help but we do our best to get people going again," said Washington State Patrol Lt. Mike Saunders.

Troopers also pulled over 4,000 more vehicles in 2012, totaling nearly 4,300 stops.


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