WEST RICHLAND, Wash. - Smoke continued to fill the air in West Richland because of a debris fire but firefighters said it is under control.

They do not want embers to start another fire so they are letting this one burn out which could cause smoke for the next week.

The fire started yesterday on some farmland near 35th and Fargo.

The exact cause is still under investigation.  In the mean time, the farm owner is running a sprinkler on the smoke.

9-1-1 has received numerous calls about the smoke and neighbors are reportedly annoyed by it.

Operation Chief Bill Cherwien with Benton County Fire District number Four said, "Everyone rest a sure that the fire is contained and it's basically a smoldering type fire right now and we're in a monitor mode just keeping a check on it."

West Richland Police and Firefighters check on the smoke every hour.  The farm owner thinks it might have started from some kids playing in the field.

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