What should you be recycling during the holidays?

YAKIMA, WA - Central Washington Recycling is a company that works year round, that's why when people put trash in their bins it ends up affecting them.

"We're just a small facility and we send our stuff to larger recycling facilities. If there is too much contaminated stuff in those bins, there is a chance they could actually shut us off and then we would no longer have recycling at all." said Chris Bunger, warehouse and recycling manager.

This is why during Christmas they're asking for people to recycle 'the right way.'

Anything that's related to paper. Any bows or ribbon or the wrapping paper it's self, that can all be recycled. The things that we're not looking for are bows made out of fabric," said Bunger.

"Books, a lot of newspaper articles, a lot of ads coming out in the newspapers, boxes a lot of Amazon, this Christmas," added Josh Williamson, Accountant for Central Washington Recycling.

They explain there are some big mistakes people make when recycling.

"They turn in old TV boxes or bring cardboard packaging that has Styrofoam or bubble wrap. Those are things we just can't recycle," said Bunger.

They are asking everyone to be extra careful when recycling this season.

Simple mistakes make their jobs much harder.

"A lot of times what happens is people use that as a dump site. Which turns into a big mountain of garbage that takes our employee a lot of time sort through," said Bunger.

The recycling center will be open the day after Christmas, December 26th to take any of your recyclables.

Heads up, they do not recycle Christmas trees.

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