SELAH, WA - What's going to happen to the Selah Aquatic Center?

A lot of people are wondering this as results from last week's primary election are trickling in.

On the ballot was a levy that was going to fund the pool until 2025. At this point the results are not yet certified, but the levy is not passing.

"And I'd hate to see that beautiful pool sit there and be not used," said Tammy Allan.

Tammy Allan is a Selah local and President of Selah Parks Foundation. She took it upon herself to dedicate her birthday towards raising money for the Selah Aquatic Center.

"My goal was $500, well at first it said $200 and I bumped it to $500. It's already met $500, now were trying to exceed $500," said Allan.

Allan says it was an easy decision to do this, "My birthday is coming up, there was no particular reason to have coming to me, so, umm you know this was a way to just participate."

Participate in keeping the Selah Aquatic Center open past this summer, something many are trying to figure out.

"We are working on what our options might be," said Aimee Ozanich, Secretary & Auditing Officer, Selah Park & Recreation Service Area (SPRSA).

Ozanich says they will try to sell more sponsor bricks, but ultimately she believes they could try a public vote again.

"It's going to look like another attempt at a levy. I don't know when next year, but if we want to run this pool long term we can't do it season to season fundraising," said Ozanich.

The pool will remain open for the rest of this season.

For anyone looking to help fund it donations are being accepted through Selah Parks Foundation.

For updates on the pool you can visit their website. The link is below.

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