YAKIMA, WA- Washington state passed a secure firearm law last year that requires gun owners to properly store and secure guns.  

At The Range LLC in Yakima gun education is a top priority. 

Lead Instructor, David Kellett says they want "to educate, to expose, and exclude."

Kellett says proper gun education make a difference. 

"One of the problems is most people have a tremendous amount of gun education and it's actually from Hollywood and Hollywood movies show terrible gun handling," said Kellett 

Kellett says with new gun laws in effect it's important to be educated.

Part of the new secure gun law requires gun owners to properly store firearms.

Kellett says if a crime is committed with a stolen gun, gun owners may face consequences like "criminal penalties if their guns are taken and they are not stored correctly."

He is says "study after study is showing guns laws do not make people safer. Education makes people safer."

If a firearm is stolen but it was properly secured a report must be filed within 5 days to protect gun owners of criminal penalties.

A few ways to properly store guns is to use a safe or lock box and use a trigger lock

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