WHITE PASS, WA- A new fire started last night near White Pass Ski Area.

The fire has burned 50 acres and the cause for the fire is under investigation. 

One of the first people to see the fire and call first responders was White Ski Area, Terrain Park Manager, Eric Schultheiss. 

Schultheiss and his girlfriend were driving back home from Yakima on Highway 12 when they drove right up to the red and orange glow. 

This was the start of the Cold Creek Fire. 

Schultheiss said "It's definitely a very helpless feeling when you see it and there's nothing you can do... It was like if you could've just maybe gotten there a little bit sooner or whatever it might of been able to be contained quicker."

He also said "That was the worst part is knowing there wasn't much we could do to stop anything."

However, that didn't stop them from trying. 

Schultheiss also called the Mountain Manager at White Pass for help.

"Our Mountain Manager didn't have his boots tied. He was down there so quickly," said Schultheiss.

He says the fire was in two different spots when the two men tried to stop it from spreading. 

"It was small enough that I thought we could get our small fire suppression truck here that we might be able to slow it down enough," said Schultheiss. 

He added "We started putting a second tank of water on the fire and the fire services showed up and said 'hey finish out your tank and we've got it from here,' and they had three engines up there within an hour."

Right now there are Level 2 Evacuation "Be Set" orders for people living near Rimrock Lake. 

Click here for the current evacuation map.

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