WHITE SWAN, WA - White Swan community members are mourning the death of a 63-year-old woman who many described as caring and loving.

Gail Teo, 63, was murdered in her own home Wednesday evening. Her husband, Harris Teo, found her body in the living room.

According to court documents, she was wrapped in plastic, taped with duct tape and wrapped in a carpet. Gail had wounds to her head and a gunshot wound in her upper back area.

Her husband along with deputies checked security camera footage, which investigators say shows 26-year-old Michael Anthony Davis approaching the house at 6:38 p.m.

Court documents say, "Gail is seen walking from a back bedroom of the residence and confronts the male. The male is seen holding what appears to be a pair of hand-held pruning shears.... and is seen making a stabbing motion with them a her." The two then go off camera.

Deputies say they noticed the tattoos on Davis and were able to identify him as he was walking in the street.

Investigators say Davis admitted to killing Gail, saying he was upset with her because she would not give him work. He continued to say that he would have murdered her even if she had employed him.

Davis is being held on first degree murder and first degree burglary. On Thursday during court his bail was set bail at 1 million dollars.

He is expected to be in court on August 22 for his arraignment.

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