climate sign

WALLA WALLA, WA- On Friday millions of people around the world will be walking out of their workplaces and classrooms in protest. This is part of Global Climate Strike which is a protest in which people are asking for action to combat climate change. 

One local group is joining that protest and it is the Sunrise Movement organization. Sunrise Movement is an organization on Whitman College's campus that's trying to educate others on what climate change is doing to the world. One sophomore student Anna Allgeyer believes this protest is necessary to let people know what is happening to the world and that certain people need to make some changes.       

"I m terribly concerned that nobody seems to care elected officials aren't doing what we need to do and we are out here to raise awareness in this community," said Allegeyer.

One person who is impressed with the students of the organization is Professor M. Acuff. Professor Acuff is inspired by the youth's dedication to making a change.

"It is so moving that so many children who feel that their lives are going to be impacted that their lives are being impacted now by forest fires by all the different changes in the atmosphere the storms etcetera," said Professor Acuff. "It may not be touching these individual people's lives but they have enough knowledge and information that they can process what's going on."

The protest will take place Friday at noon on Whitman's campus near the clock tower. 

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