YAKIMA, WA - Many local residents may have received a renters notice that told them their rent is going up. 

That's because the state is in the middle of what's called 'The Eviction Moratorium Bridge,' which allows landlords to charge their renters more in rent starting August 1st. 

Those notices of increasing rental rates have been going out to residents since July 1st. 

Fair Market rates and very low vacancy rates have played a big part in the rent increase in Yakima County said the Yakima Housing Authority executive director, Lowel Krueger. 

But it's the landlords that are trying to make up for the money lost during the pandemic year.

"For landlords who would have typically had a rent increase before but now are just trying to catch up with where they would have been," said Krueger.

Right now, landlords can't evict their renters if they are actively seeking rental assistance, but that will all change soon. 

This Eviction Moratorium Bridge will end September 30th, which means starting October 1st, landlords can start evicting their renters if they don't pay their rent in full. 

The Yakima Housing Authority and the Yakima County Human Services Department offers multiple rental assistance programs to help people pay their rent. 

One agency, The Yakima Neighborhood Health Services, with Human Services has a waitlist of more than 600 people seeking help. 

There are four other agencies with Human Services people can reach out to. Click here to reach out, scroll down to bottom. 

Landlords usually go through rent increases on a yearly basis said Krueger. He said he's worried when rent is increasing faster than the funding or resources they get but that's further down the line.