UNITED STATES - February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and there could never be enough awareness when it comes to issues like this.

"So if we do a setting of like 30 students in a classroom you're going to see 10 of them essentially being affected," said Daniela Aguilar, Youth Prevention, YWCA.

Aguilar says talking about what a healthy relationship looks like to teens is more important than you think.

"Out of the 1.5 million that we are seeing being reported in our high schools and this is nationwide stats, as statistics that are reported. We can see 1 in 3 individual teenagers actually be a part of that statistic," said Aguilar.

The YWCA does community outreach by going to high schools and middle schools to teach teens about violent relationships.

The YWCA encourages having open conversations about this because anyone can be a victim.

"When you see dating abuse it doesn't specifically go into one gender or one socioeconomic status or one preference of gender identity, so I mean it kinda goes across the board," said Aguilar.

Aguilar also says talking about dating violence is the best way to keep it from happening.

"One in three, I mean the chances are a big number of increases is just going to continue every year unless we do a lot more prevention and support for them," said Aguilar.

Aguilar says what's even more scary is that more middle school students are reporting violent relationships than high school students.

There are many resources to for teens and parents on relationship violence. The 24/7 hotline is 1(866)331-9474 and you can also text LOVEIS to 22522.

There are also several websites with more information.




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