Wildfire risk score prepares your home for wildfire season

YAKIMA, WA - There's a new way to assess wildfire risk and Yakima County is at the top of the danger zone. CoreLogic created what's called a Wildfire Risk Score.

With this score insurance companies and homeowners can know the risk their properties are at during wildfire season. When calculating this score, several factories go into play.

This includes the slope of your property, the steeper the slope the faster the fire can spread. The type of vegetation around your home and the fire history in this area.

Each home gets a score ranking from five to one hundred. Each score is placed in one of four categories, low, moderate, high and extreme.

"It allows you to do two things, one is to better prepare. In terms of having the right insurance coverage and not stopping with just insurance but actually having a plan in case of wildfire were to occur but the better part of this process is that if you have this awareness you're then able to prepare your property," said Tom Jeffery, senior hazard scientist for CoreLogic.

In Benton County there are no homes at the high fire risk level. While in Yakima County around 1,100 homes are at either high or extreme fire risk.

To know your wildfire risk score contact your insurance company.

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