SELAH, WA - The Selah Aquatic Center is closed for the season. Now, the big question is, what will happen with no levy money will the pool open next summer?

"We're trying to raise $100,000."

That's how much money is needed to open the Selah Aquatic Center next year. How will that money be raised?

"This winter we're going to be doing some fundraisers. We've got one scheduled already for the 18th of January and then we've got a couple more ideas," said Aimee Ozanich, Secretary & Auditing Officer with the Selah Park & Recreation Service Area (SPRSA).

Ozanich says many locals are behind the pool. Katherine Platt from Nana Kate's is one of many helping raise funds.

"The fundraiser dinner in January, Nana Kates is providing the food, I'm paying the staff, we have volunteers, they don't have to pay a caterer for this event so all of that money gets to go back into the maintenance and operation of the pool," said Platt.

With next year's pool season being fundraised for, what about the years to come?

"We'd like to run the levy again, because the fundraising is not sustainable every year, year-in year-out to have the pool operational," said Ozanich.

Going back to results of the primary election, 58.93% voted yes and 41.07% voted no.

60% of people needed to vote yes for the levy to pass.

Given the close number and the pool having been open this summer, Platt expressed how she believes things will go if the levy appears on next year's ballot.

"I don't have any concern that the ballot wouldn't pass this time," said Platt.

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