YAKIMA, WA - A local woman needs your help to help others.

"Would you like some chocolates?" asks Kassandra Elizondo.

Elizondo is selling chocolates for her medical trip to Peru.

"So, I am fundraising. I am about $800 short," says Elizondo.

Since this will be her first medical trip, she's eager to sell all her chocolates.

"Take as many as you want," says Elizondo.

For 10 days, Elizondo and 5,000 others will be in Peru as part of the the organization Missions Me.

"I'll be part of the triage team or even the more on the medical side of helping the doctors and nurses treat the patients and then also making sure that they have someone to follow up with," said Elizondo.

For the last decade, Elizondo has worked in the medical field, but never somewhere like Peru.

"So I've actually been in the medical field for about 10 to 15 years. Ten years at Memorial, here and, then now I travel around Washington state working as an emergency room technician or even a nursing assistant," said Elizondo.

For her this is more than just a trip; she says it's about changing lives.

"There's a saying you know, 'One person can't make a difference, but for one person you can change the world.' That's what I believe, so if I can change somebody's world down there then life is complete," said Elizondo.

If you would like to help Elizondo reach her goal, you can donate directly by clicking the link below.

If you would like to help her by buying some chocolates you can reach her via phone to put in an order (509)853-7118.

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