TOPPENISH, WA - "10 months, 20 days."

That's how long Yakama Nation Radio was off air.

Nockawlee also know as DJ Roy Dick says over $30,000 in equipment was stolen on October 9th.

"We had the control board, all the microphones that was in here, we had four microphones, all the printers..." said DJ Roy Dick Radio Host, KYNR 1490-AM.

Since Roy is the first one to enter the building he said the morning of October 9th he walked into a mess.

"I seen stuff in the lobby, everything was torn up and I came down the hall and I seen my door was missing on my office, and I seen where they got in and it just really devastated me, and I called our tribal police first," said Roy.

After word spread Roy says so did the help. Something everyone at the radio station is thankful for because after all the equipment that was stolen is not cheap.

"No it's not cheap, we had to have a special meeting with the executive board, Tribal Council and he told us, 'We'll do anything we can to get Yakama Nation back on air again,'" said Roy.

Roy also says they received some help from Sousley Sound and were able to get back on air Thursday.

Despite being away from the mic Roy says it showed him something.

"I didn't know we was gonna be missed that much."

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