YAKIMA, WA - Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. Super DJ is only 4 years old and already a superhero, and he just wants to be everyone's friend.

"My cape is cool, but I got it from my friends," Super DJ said.

"When we received the package it was actually addressed to Super DJ," said DJ's mom, Alexandria Breitenfeldt.

DJ's friends over at Tiny Superheroes sent him the cape.

super dj

"He received it in the mail about two weeks ago and we're hard-pressed to take it off of him," said Alexandria. "He will wear it around the house, he'll wear it around the store, he'll wear it to the park. [The park] is his favorite place to wear it, of course."

DJ has sensory processing disorder, or SPD.

"It's a disorder where he struggles everyday with sensory input, like the sunlight, and the cars going by," Alexandria explained. "Anything that you can see, touch, taste or feel he will either feel it more than you or feel it less than you."

But when DJ has his cape on, he not only feels different, but acts different.

"When he's wearing the cape he feels... I think he feels more confident, he's more likely to listen to you when you talk to him, when you ask him to do things," said DJ's dad, Taylor Breitenfeldt.

"He started doing some really cool stuff like helping us around the house. We would ask him, 'hey Super DJ I need your help,' and it would really encourage him to help his sister or go help a friend or whatever you would ask him to do you would ask Super DJ to do, and then he would be really excited to help," said Alexandria.

DJ's parents say watching him become the best version of himself is amazing.

"I mean, he's an empathetic soul to begin with and he has so much love to share with the universe, and that includes his siblings and his family and anybody that he meets really," Alexandria said, "and the cape has really empowered him to be able to go out and make new friends and show off his skills, which he's so happy to do."

If you know of a little superhero who needs a cape, visit Tiny Superheroes's website. The company helps empower children who are overcoming illnesses or disabilities. https://tinysuperheroes.com/

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