YAKIMA, Wash.- The Yakima Air Terminal (YKM) is planning to expand by adding more flights to its schedules.  

Currently, there is one flight a day at the Yakima Airport. Cities like Seattle and Las Vegas remain a priority destination.

However, Airport Director Robert Hodgman plans to add more flights departing to Los Angeles and Salt Lake City.

"We are working hard with the state legislature and with different state's agencies to convey the value that Yakima Air Terminal can provide not only for the community but for the state," said Hodgman. "So, you can imagine that with every flight that we add there's going to be a pretty significant economic impact."

Considering the many destinations people would like to travel to, the Yakima Air Terminal is holding an online survey, where Yakima residents can take to prioritize their destination flight.

"I think it's well over needed", said Jared Parkison, a Yakima resident. "It'll bring more people into here, it'll make it easier to get into Yakima and get out for people that live here instead of having to travel to Seattle, to Pasco, Portland they'll be able to just park their car right outside and jump on a plane here."

YKM is considering the strong possibility that a flight to Mexico will be available in the near future.