Yakima Air Terminal receives one million dollars for fire vehicle

YAKIMA, WA - Yakima Air Terminal will be getting one million dollars from the Federal Aviation Administration's, airport improvement program.

This money will go towards a new aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicle.

"This piece of equipment is specifically required to respond within three minutes of any type of aircraft accident, " said Robert Peterson, airport director for Yakima Air Terminal.

It will cost around 700,000 dollars to build and another 250,000 dollars will go towards all the equipment needed inside the rig. Peterson says it will take about a year before it's in use.

"It takes about 360 to 460 days to build one of these rigs so they're very specific to airports throughout the nation on combating any type of incidents or accidents throughout the airport," said Peterson

This piece of equipment is important for the safety of those who use the airport. It's also required in order for the airport to be open.

"Commercial service airports are required under federal regulations this apparatus in order to respond in a certain amount of time if airports aren't able to keep up with this equipment and replace it accordingly ultimately that could future jeopardize the opportunity to have future airline services at that airport, " said Peterson.

The grant is funded by user fee taxes, if you don't use the airport you aren't paying for the new rescue vehicle.

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