New Yakima Police Chief

YAKIMA, WA - There's a new chief in the town.

The Yakima city manager announced the pick for the police chief position on Friday.

"It's my pleasure to announce that our next police chief will be Mr. Matthew Murray, [who] comes from the Denver Police Department," said Cliff Moore, Yakima City Manager.

Murray was among four other candidates who just last week had a meet and greet with community leaders and members. He says he is excited for his new beginning in Yakima.

"This is a community that I think we can really fit in with. I'm excited to work with other people in the community on some of the challenges that Yakima is facing," Murray said.

Murray explained what those challenges are.

"I don't think it's any secret that Yakima has an issue with gang violence, some violent crime within the streets of Yakima. Also, domestic violence is an issue and these are things I've actually worked on quite a bit in Denver, so I have a lot of experience in that area," said Murray.

Moore explains why Murray stood out and was personally selected by him to be the next police chief.

"His background, his experience in so many different areas of policing during his career in the Denver Police Department. He's been a homicide detective, he's worked in major crimes," said Moore.

Murray still has to pass psychological and polygraph testing and undergo a comprehensive background check before officially joining the department.

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