YAKIMA, WA - One man was arrested after vandalizing a Yakima restaurant over a Black Lives Matter sign. 

The owner of Meraki Creations, Angie DeVora is an outspoken supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. She took her stand by displaying Black Lives Matter on her sign.

Meraki Creations opened right before the Coronavirus Pandemic hit Washington state. To this date the restaurant has been closed for more days than it's been open because of COVID-19 restrictions.

The vandalism was one less thing DeVora needed to worry about.

Since march of 2020 she has had people comment on her beliefs, but this time someone went as far as throwing rocks at her business, yelling cuss words and calling her racial slurs.

This resulted in damage to her sign and a shattered window. DeVora  says all the employees were shaken, however she plans on moving forward.

“It's so important for our community to come together especially right now so that we can be the change,” she added “We can respectfully disagree and my sign is going to remain up. It's going to be replaced and repaired,” said DeVora. 

DeVora says after the man vandalized her business, he went into his car parked at the 7-11 next door, pulled out a knife and put it at his throat. 

When Yakima police arrived, they were able to arrest the man without anybody getting hurt.

After posting what happened on social media DeVora has received an outpour of support from the community. Another local business owner offered to replace her broken window and other people have donated to her Go fund me fundraiser to cover repair costs.

CLICK HERE for the GoFundMe page.

Devora said she is grateful for all the community support. 

Meraki Creations will be open for to-go only business again on Friday.