Yakima Council votes against red light traffic cameras

YAKIMA, Wash.- Yakima City Council voted against considering traffic cams. This came about after dozens of people filled City Hall, many speaking out against the proposed project.

The proposal was to putting in traffic cameras at busy intersections. If people ran red lights, the cameras would flash and take a picture, sending the owner of the car a citation.  Several people stood before the council questioning this proposal. Many worried it was a way to make more money and not necessary in Yakima. The council voted 5-2 to drop this issue. Drivers in Yakima say they are relieved and that the red light issue should be addressed in other ways.

"I'm not for driving in red lights but I think if they extended the yellow light one second they would save 50 percent of accidents," said Roy Robeck, who lives in Yakima.

The council members in favor of the red light traffic cameras voted in hopes that this would reduce accidents and speeding drivers.

The 5-2 vote means the proposal will not longer be considered. 

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