YAKIMA, WA - The city of Yakima announced they will move forward with candidate Alex Meyerhoff for the interim city manager position.

On Tuesday just before the city council meeting the council voted 4 to 3 on the decision.

The decision was made after all council members interviewed two candidates, Alex Meyerhoff and James Patrick.

Meyerhoff has nearly 30 years of experience in local government. He's served as city manager/executive director in the following cities.

- Holtville, California (2011-2014)

- Hemet, California (2016-2017)

- San Fernando, California (2017-2019)

Meyerhoff has a bachelor of arts in history and a masters in urban planning, transportation, and environmental analysis.

James Patrick who was the other candidate has has more than 20 years of experience as city manager in the four cities listed below.

- Lebanon, Ohio (1999-2001)

- Vermillion, South Dakota (2002-2004)

- Kalispell, Montana (2004-2008)

- Storm Lake, Iowa (2010-2017)

Patrick has a bachelor of science in biology and a masters in management.

The two were interviewed via Skype Tuesday afternoon.

Each council member had the chance to ask a question.

Councilwoman Dulce GutiƩrrez asked both candidates to name three challenges they saw in Yakima, right off the bat Meyerhoff said budget and Patrick said economic development.

The city's budget has been of high importance to council members throughout the year.

When asking mayor Kathy Coffey why hire a temporary city manager here's what she had to say.

"It was a decision to let the new council members, because we have three that we know are leaving the city council. Those three new city council members whoever they are would be part of the decision for the permanent city manager."

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