Yakima County Announces Additional Funding for Rental Assistance Programs

YAKIMA, WA - Tuesday, the Board of Yakima County Commissioners and the Yakima County Human Services Department announced an additional 2.88 million dollars in funding for rental assistance programs for Yakima County residents.

The increased funds will be available through December 30th.

Commissioner Vicki Baker said, “Here in Yakima County much of the rental inventory is not large, corporate-owned apartment complexes, rather small, multi-family or single-family properties owned by mom-and-pop landlords who rely on the rental income to pay their mortgages. Providing additional rental assistance not only helps those members of our community who are experiencing a loss of income due to COVID-19 and will help to prevent homelessness, it also helps keep those small landlords from losing their rental properties to foreclosure.”

Yakima County is dedicating funding from several sources and programs to rental assistance, including Consolidated Homeless Grant monies awarded by the Washington State Department of Commerce, and ESG CARES Act monies administered through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Washington State Department of Commerce. The rental assistance will be distributed by Yakima County’s Community Partners: Yakima Valley Farmworkers Clinic Community Action Center, Yakima Neighborhood Health Services, the Latino Community Fund, and OIC of Washington.

Esther Magasis, Director of Yakima County Human Services, said, “Our most recent figures show that at least 43% of renters in Yakima County are cost-burdened or severely cost-burdened when it comes to housing – meaning that more than 30 or even 50 percent of their income goes towards housing costs. With the governor’s moratorium on evictions still in place, we haven’t yet seen the full impact that COVID could have on our community. Given how many households were already one or two paychecks away from eviction before COVID, it’s clear our community will benefit from supporting the families and individuals struggling to figure out how they will be able to afford rent and arrears once the moratorium is lifted. We aren’t going to wait until the evictions hit – we need to act now. This additional rental assistance will keep people in their homes, prevent mom-and-pop landlords from defaulting on their mortgages, and suppress a sudden rise in homelessness in our community.”

“Yakima County faces a desperate housing crisis and we urgently need to support the landlords who make rental properties available by helping tenants access this additional financial assistance,” Commissioner Baker remarked. Individuals seeking rental assistance should contact one of the programs below. Rental assistance for qualifying applicants will be paid directly to landlords on the tenant’s behalf.

Those seeking rental assistance should contact one of the following agencies:

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic Northwest Community Action Center

Yakima Neighborhood Health Services

Latino Community Fund

OIC of Washington

  • (509) 452-7145
  • 815 Fruitvale Blvd Yakima, WA
  • Hours: 8am-5pm M-F
  • yvoic.org

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