Yakima County Commissioners plan to turn jail into a care campus

YAKIMA, WA - Yakima County Commissioners have announced plans for the Yakima County Care Campus.

The campus will improve and expand the Yakima County Corrections Center, turning it into a mixed-use care facility. The main goal is to help combat mental health issues, drug addiction, and the homeless situation. It will include a permanent shelter for the homeless and a behavioral health service center.

Commissioner Mike Leita says the corrections center is not being used to its full capability since it opened. The center has room for 278 inmates, but it typically has less than half of those inmates.

Leita says they have a chance to build something that will better help this community.

"It's time to step forward and address these issues that have long been in this community and those issues are homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse," said Leita.

The health services will be paid for by a new mental health sales tax. With every $100 dollars you spend, you'll be taxed ten cents.

They hope to have the care campus fully up and running by 2026.

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