Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney Will Not File Charges In Officer Involved Shootings

YAKIMA, WA - Yakima County Prosecutor Joe Brusic will not be filling charges in about ten officer involved shootings that have taken place since 2017.

These decision were originally made a while ago but Brusic is now writing the formal notices. Brusic says he let police departments know about the decision as soon as possible, but he has waited until now to let the family of the victims know.

He says it's because of his workload that he has not gotten the chance to write the notices sooner.

Brusic also says the investigations in these shootings showed that officers took the correct protocol.

"To evaluate these decisions takes some time and to get these done in terms of decisions, I mean final decisions which affect a lot of lives takes often times a lot longer then usual but the accountability is there and I am accountable for everyone here to make these decisions in a more timely manner," said Brusic.

Brusic tells us he does want the public to know he apologizes for how long it took to notify them.

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