YAKIMA, WA - The Yakima County Sheriff's Office has joined a number of law enforcement agencies who have said they will not enforce Initiative 1639, Washington's new gun law.

Sheriff, Robert Udell says the decision was made collectively by the department.

Many agencies across the state have spoken up in regards to the initiative, which changes purchase and ownership restrictions of firearms.

Sheriff Udell says the initiative is not aligned with the U.S. and the states constitution.

As a sheriff's department Sheriff Udell says they are responsible for upholding the law, but not when that law in "unenforceable" and when parts of it just don't make sense.

"Taking a semi-automatic rifle you have to be at least 21, 18-year-olds fight and die for our country all the time, and then, they come back and they are not allowed to have a 22 semi-automatic rifle, it doesn't jive," said Udell.

Sheriff Udell also says this law attacks the rights of people who would never use a firearm illegally.

He also feels there are already many restrictions in place when it comes to firearms and that it's all just a matter of enforcing those.

"Do I have already the tools to do that? Well, I do. There is laws against the illegal use of firearms that could fill a very, very thick three-ring binder, they're there, we just need to enforce those," said Sheriff Udell.

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