Yakima detail shop partnering with local businesses for car sweepstakes

Photo Courtesy: Premium Auto Care

YAKIMA, WA- Premium Auto Care in Yakima prides themselves on making even the oldest of cars look new again.

As car enthusiasts they took an old car and transformed it.

"So we like working on cars, so we decided to take a care that is in it's stock form, transform it make it look something very unique and decided to give it away," said Rosendo Lopez, owner of Premium Auto Care. 

The transformation took months of work to complete but Lopez says the outcome is worth it "because before you can render your idea of what you wanna do and how you want it to look and then actually when you get to end and see the finished product it's very very exciting."

The detail shop is partnering with Celtic Cup Coffee Shop, Art the Fame of Hair among other businesses to be involved with the give away of the car.

For every five dollars spent worth of product or services at Premium Auto Care there will be additional entries for a chance to win the Turbo Audi.

Lopez said this is not the only car they want to give away.

"We want to many more car giveaways to come just to give back to the community as well as anyone that supports us we want to make sure they get something in return," said Lopez

To buy products or book an appointment for a detail go to www.pacdetailsystems.com

For more information about the Turbo Audio Sweepstakes click here

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