Yakima distillery making craft spirits using local ingredients

YAKIMA, WA- Today is National Craft Distillery Day and one hobby turned, business, Swede Hill Distilling is proud of using all local ingredients for their spirits.

Business owner Kevin Milford said "it's a lot of fun to do. I love you know playing with different types of materials and raw materials and coming up with something that is very flavorful and balanced."

Swede Hill Distilling is a local family owned distillery.

The first part of the process is fermentation, once its been fermented for about 3 to 5 days then the alcohol is distilled.

The next step is barreling and when it has aged for 2 to 3 years, the whiskey is proofed to 90 proof.

Milford says the benefit of small business is the time spent making a good quality spirit.

"Being that were small batched we can spend a little more time on it. I don't know other distilleries specific distillation process but we you know just spend the extra time," said Milford.

Their whiskey has won several awards but two other spirits that they make are an Apple Pie Moonshine and a Cherry Moonshine.

Each bottle is hand filled and labeled by the Milford's giving customers a farm to table experience. 

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