Yakima Gold Star father remembers Marine son

YAKIMA, WA- Memorial Day is often surrounded, by services and barbecues, but for people who have lost loved ones in active duty it's all about remembrance.

A Yakima Gold Star father and veteran Shawn Marceau told us how he remembers his son.

"We have a phone call from Joe when he got to boot camp, and just a goofy, young marine calling in panic because he's around... it's really a cute message."

Marceau's office is full of memorabilia and certificates including his son's Purple Heart.

"That purple heart there, there's a lot behind that purple heart. You know you are not just given those, and when you earn them oh my gosh... That's something else," said Marceau.

Lance Corporal Joe Jackson was killed in Afghanistan during a combat operation. The day his family found out was Easter Sunday of 2011.

"I put my daughter's little Easter basket at the foot of her bed. And then Marines showed up at our door," said Marceau.

Marceau says he talks about it a lot "but that scene is always burned in ur heart and it makes it uh, it's tough."

Although time has passed he still visit's his son's grave every Tuesday

"Never forget remember, remember what made you love them, remember why you loved them. You know you have the core but remember those little nuances, those little things you remember, those little scares and those little details of that person that you can remember that you loved," said Marceau.

Families will be visiting the Tahoma Cemetery today to honor and remember those who served our country.

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