YAKIMA, WA- The Yakima Health District held a press conference this morning after the county recorded its first COVID-19 related death. 

The patient who died had had underlying health conditions.

Over the weekend the case count increased by about 150% one-hundred 50 percent... and about a quarter of those being health care workers.

Currently 41 cases, 31 of those are confirmed and 10 are presumptive.

Good Samaritan Health Care Center and Parkside Nursing Care Center are two facilities that the Yakima County is investigating for COVID-19.

The Yakima Health District said the Coronavirus death occurred at one of those facilities.

In order to keep people safe the Yakima Health District said right now there is no timeline for the stay at home order.

“We are in a unique situation here in Yakima and in recognition of that just so that the community is aware that even though the State is putting those 2 week timelines it may be longer here in Yakima County specifically,” said Lilian Bravo, Spokesperson Yakima Health District.

Bravo said “the big recommendation is that everyone moving forward act as if they may have already have been infected by COVID 19.” 

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