abortion rally

YAKIMA, WA - Ever since Alabama lawmakers approved an abortion ban, several other states have followed suit. That has caused an uproar across the country. 

Today, more than 250 rallies took place all over the nation, including in Yakima.

"We need to stop the bans; there's millions of patients at risk, millions of people that need reproductive health care," said Janie Wright, PR Organizer with Planned Parenthood.

"I think each woman deserves to have the right to make decisions that affect our bodies and our lives and it really feels like it's unconstitutional," said Sharon Yedidia.

Governor Jay Inslee was also at a rally in Seattle, defending reproductive rights.

"We are standing up for a freedom interest, the freedom of women to make their own decision with their own bodies," Gov. Inslee said.

Senators Maria Cantwell, Ron Wyden, Patty Murray and many others feel the same. 

Knowing Washington has a governor who is against the bans has some people relieved.

"I'm proud to be a Washingtonian."

"It makes me feel so lucky that I live in Washington state. That if anything were to happen you know, I know I would have reproductive health care and I know lots of women would have that as well."

But not everyone in Yakima is against the bans.

"I think banning abortion... it saves lives, and it saves the babies," said Dusti Nabach.

Those against the ban have a message for Congress.

"You have no place making the decisions you're making."

"Huge list of stuff that they could be doing, but they focus on something that is just here to affect our human rights," said Shannon Hutchko.

Some states have already filed an appeal or a lawsuit against the ban. No word yet if these cases will reach the Supreme Court.

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