YAKIMA, WA - It was a regular day for Dámone Harris, he was driving home from his regional chapter meeting as president of the Yakima chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

Harris parked his car on the street in front of his house as he regularly does.  Unfortunately, this time his new neighbors took exception. What happened next is something African Americans are very familiar with.

"So he goes to start calling me all kinds of derogatory terms and threaten to lynch me him and his buddy said something to the term of you lucky we don't have a rope or we would hang you from your own tree," said Harris.

What shocked Harris the most was the threat on his life for simply parking his car in front of his home.

"They threatened me, to lynch me in 2019 who says that in 2019," said Harris.

Harris would go on to report this issue to the Yakima County Sheriff's Office. He wants justice but ultimately sees this as an opportunity to let people in his community know that the NAACP is a place that they can turn to if they are being threatened in any way.

"We are here in the NAACP we are building our organization so we can help those who can't help themselves," said Harris.

This is currently an ongoing investigation. 

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