Yakima Police raises awareness to increase in robberies

YAKIMA, WA - If you're a business owner listen up, with an increase in robberies in the area, the Yakima Police Department is working on ways to help keep your business safe.

During the fall and winter months police have noticed robberies tend to happen more often.

Last fall there were 11 robberies at local mini marts throughout Yakima.

Only one suspect was arrested. Police do believe some suspects could have been involved in more than one robbery.

Business owner Brad Christianson, owns three ace hardware stores, two of which have been broken into.

During that time his surveillance cameras were down. He lost a total of 12 thousand dollars worth of inventory. Through all of this, he's learned the importance of working with police.

"They're the ones that are going after these people so we need to give them the tools so they can do their jobs. and they need to know the information as soon as possible and as much accurate information as possible," said Christianson.

If you want advice on how to keep your business safe you can contact the Yakima Police Department.

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