YAKIMA, WA- More people than ever have had things delivered this year.... Toilet paper, groceries, and food.

As we head into the holiday season Yakima Police are reminding us about 'porch pirates.'

Yakima Police Department Detective, Nathan Henyan said "number one thing would be not to leave your packages unattended for any length of time because we know these thieves will actually follow behind some of these delivery trucks and pick up packages along the way."

To make sure your package stays out of thieves hands... having it sent to a post office box is one way to keep it safe.

In Yakima you can have your packages delivered to an Amazon Hub Counter.

"I think it's more secure for their package less chance of their package getting stolen also it's out of the weather obvisouly so you don't have to deal with that. And it kind of just gives them peace of mind they don't have to worry about anything," said Todd Kean, Pharmacist at Tieton Village Drugs.

Kean says, during last holiday season customers were taking advantage of the Amazon Hub Counter.

"They just choose us as a delivery site or a hub site. It comes to us once we receive it, they get an email with a barcode that they bring here we scan it and they get the package," said Kean.

The Amazon Hub Counter at Tieton Village Drugs is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Kean says the whole pick up process only takes a few minutes.

While many people are still online shopping a good thing to add to your list is a video camera doorbell that tracks activity outside your door step.

Detective Henyan says "They are great the one issue that can arise is if those cameras are visible then somebody can very easily do something in order to counteract the effect of those cameras like cover their face."

Henyan says the best way to utilize the camera doorbells is by camouflage it around other things around the door.

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