Yakima twins file lawsuit for alleged abuse

YAKIMA, WA - Twin girls sued the sate of Washington, Department of Children, Youth, and Families after claiming that social workers put them in a abusive home.

"For some reason and despite many red flags the department placed these twin sisters back into their biological mothers care," said Sergio Garciduenas-Sease.

According to their lawyer back in 2015, 7-year-old twin sisters, who are being called AJ and MJ were put in the foster care system at birth. They were placed with a family and lived with them until they were seven. The Department of Children, Youth and Families (DFCY) decided to put the girls back in their biological mothers care, even though she admitted she did not want them and relinquished her parental rights.

"Shortly after they were paced in to their mothers care they experienced and endured horrific physical abuse, horrific torture, neglect," said Garciduenas-Sease.

Their lawyer says DFCY failed to check on the girls health and safety while they lived under the mothers care. He tells me the girls were not allowed to attend school, they were starved, and left to live in the dark, with no access to the bathroom.

"There were many red flags and warning signs that the department simply ignored. they had calls from the foster parents, they had calls from teachers," said Garciduenas-Sease.

The twins are back in the care of their foster family.

With the lawsuit they hope DFCY will make changes in their policies and procedures.

We reached out to DFCY who say they will not be commenting on the matter.

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