YAKIMA, WA - Part of Yakima's history still continues to run through the town. We're talking about trolleys.

"In the spring of 1975 we began actual operations," said Ken Joshnson, President, Yakima Valley Trolleys.

On Friday, several showed up to learn how to operate the trolleys so they can continue running this season. Joshua Franks is 19 years old and was the youngest in the group.

"I saw it actually go right past my house and I was like, 'Oh that looks kinda fun,' and it happens to be on Facebook that they were looking for new Motorman and I was like, 'Why not?" said Franks.

Johnson says the trolleys are a piece of history. "Certainly in all the United States there are no other railroads like it. It's an electric interurban railroad and it's the last of its kind."

The history is what pulled in 19-year-old Franks in. "Just the living history, like how old this is and it's still actually running, and I find that so cool and how well it's running to."

Johnson says it's in good shape because "Everything is the same as it was over 100 years ago."

He also says it's all about preserving history and having fun.

"We hope the people appreciate what a historic landmark they have here, because there's nothing like it anywhere else," said Johnson.

Yakima Valley Trolleys season begins on the 25th of May and runs until September.

They are also in need of volunteers that can help in the gift shop, ticket selling, repair and maintenance. If you're interested in being a volunteer you can check out the website below.


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