Yakima Warriors need your help to go to the Northwest Regional Championship

YAKIMA, WA - A local football team has been selected to play at the Northwest Regional Championship, but they need your help to get there.

For the kids on the Yakima Warriors football team, football is a big part of their lives.

"It's been my passion sense I was three," said one athlete.

They started their season in July, and for the first time all three of their divisions have been selected to play against the best in the northwest.

"I was in class when my friends told me and we were jumping up in the air," said an athlete.

The team needs to raise a minimum of $2,700 in order to go.

"We have to raise money, it's not free. It's not something we have lying around either, so all the kids have to hit the brakes and try to raise as much money as we can so we can go to this tournament," said Nicholas Muir, the head coach.

This weekend parents will be hosting fundraisers with their kids to raise money.

"Can you please donate? Because it's our dream to grow up and play for the NFL," said another athlete.

Nicholas says opportunities like this help inspire kids to do better in life.

"A lot of times when they're not playing any sport their minds can wander and they can do something's they might not normally do in a constructive atmosphere like a sport. They get things drilled into them by their coaches, and parents about how they need to present themselves. I think it creates a better community," said Nicholas.

Parents have also started a Go Fund Me account, and so far they've raised $640. The deadline for all donations is November 19th.

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