Yakima will gather for "Fighting for Justice and Dignity for all" march

YAKIMA, WA- Today is international workers day and people of different races, ethnicities and ages will gather later to honor the contribution of workers and immigrants.

The May day march is an annual event that is celebrated all over the country to advocate and educate people in the community.

The march is named "Fighting for Justice and Dignity for all" because this year their goal is to offer to support all people.

Mary Lopez with One America is one of the march organizers. Lopez said every year the march is given a name and topics are chosen based on what is happening in the community.

The march will begin with a panel of speakers from all types of backgrounds that will be talking about the 2020 Census, ice raids and immigration.

Lopez says even though they celebrate workers triumphs, they also recognize the fight that came before.

"People have been working so long and how this is a day to celebrate the victory that now people have water in their work place. They have been working 8 hours, after 8 hours it's overtime," said Lopez.

There will be a panel of speakers from Seattle and Yakima right before the march.

They will also offer community education and resources for workers in Yakima.

The march will be held at Miller Park and will start at 5 p.m. today. 

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