YAKIMA, WA- Educators across the country communication with their students has been a number one priority during this pandemic. 

some teachers have set up zoom meeting, however others are going old-school using snail mail. 

 In order to help teachers in the Yakima Valley Yakima’s Ship Shop owner, Nicholas Kline set up an account with $1,000 for educators.

Kline said “I went to thinking of my gosh I'm going to lose everything to I'm in a stable financial spot right now because of the community.”

This is not the first time Yakima’s Ship Shop has stepped up to help the community, when hundreds of people lost their jobs at Astria Regional Hospital in January he offered free resume services and, printing.

“I went ahead and put a thousand dollar credit on that form and I also donated ten thousand black and copies to them that they can use,” said Kline.

The idea to pay it forward to local educators started when he saw what teachers are willing to do for their students.

“A couple teachers spend over a hundred dollars of their own money just sending supplies to their students. And it’s kind of like uh it's awesome that their doing this but it's not necessarily fair that, that burden is falling on these teachers,” said Kline.

In order for teachers to take advantage of the “Teaching from Home” account they must show their school I.D.

Kline says he enjoys giving back to community in any way he can.

“When they come in like the teacher this morning with a great smile on her face she said she appreciated me doing it and that's good enough for me,” said Kline.

If you would like to make a donation, stop by the Yakima’s Ship Shop on 4001 Summitview Avenue, Yakima, WA 98908 or give them a call at (509) 972-7988.

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